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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pueblo West Laptops

This is a follow up to a post written last week. For quite a while now we have been discussing with Pueblo West High School the possibility of receiving some of their used student laptops. They are Dell laptops, not XO, and we plan on transitioning the older students in Lesotho to these computers to help them attain marketable computer skills using Windows-based programs. A few weeks ago we found out that Pueblo West will be donating 25-50 Dell laptops to the L2L project! The computers are to be used for students in the Nohana School. Pueblo West students have raised over $1000 to pay for shipping the laptops to Lesotho - they want to be sure the laptops get to the school. The Dell laptops will be stored temporarily until there are sufficient solar panels in place at Nohana Primary to charge and use the laptops efficiently.We are currently working on figuring out what programs to install on the laptops for students to use and learn.

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  1. We've decided to install Windows XP with MS Office 2007 on the Pueblo West laptops.

    We chose XP and Office 2007 because those are used most by Lesotho businesses.

    Another factor is the decision was that XP is more stable and easier for students to learn than Vista, and the laptops don't have enough memory to run Office 2007.

    In the past, Microsoft has donated software to L2L through We hope to be able to do the same with the software needed for the Pueblo West laptops.


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