Providing Lesotho's Children with Keys to the World

This is the story of our efforts to end the vicious cycle of poverty, disease, inadequate education, and early death
in a remote rural community in Lesotho, Africa, by providing quality education and life skills
to the young children there. Join us on our journey ...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Andrew Headed to Uganda

Andrew is leaving for Uganda tomorrow, for his work as Executive Director of the NGO UCE. He'll be back in the U.S. on July 2. Unfortunately, because we didn't get funding lined up in time, we weren't able to combine his Uganda travel with a work visit to Lesotho and Ketane.

- Janissa

Would You Like to Volunteer?

We have a lot of work that needs to be done and too few hands to do it. Would you be interested in donating a few hours of your time to help out?

Right now, we need help with:
  • fundraising research, things like tracking down leads and getting grant application information
  • monitoring plane ticket prices and keeping an eye out for drops in price or special deals
  • drawing up "contracts" or "letters of agreement" between the students and the school, their parents, and us; between the school and us; and between the community council, the school, and us.
If you're interested in these, or other tasks, email me at

- Janissa

Craig Balcomb offers to help with fundraising research

My brother, Craig, has offered to help with the research to find possible funding sources for the solar power infrastructure we need to run and charge the laptops. This work is extremely time-consuming, tedious, and boring, so his help is GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks, Craig!

- Janissa