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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ketane update from Delia

... ... So I will be sending the most recent photos I have this week ... I have some of Matlabe's presentation as well as the computer set up and I do believe I have some burglar bar photos. ... I will try and send these photos asap.
As far as a points system, I can tell you as of my departure from Ketane on Thursday there is still no points system.  I had reminded the teachers this needed to be done but as of now it has not.  I am simply reminding them because this is their project. I have told them I would help them but I want them to take the initiative and show motivation in this next step of the project.  So as of now students are not even close to taking home the laptops.
Here are a few other updates: 
I know Ntate Matlabe was able to get an internet phone ...
Also as you may know there have been some teaching staff changes.  Mapesh has returned as of last week, he is now taking over standard 7 since Mochochoko is not returning this year as far as I know.  And Me Mahlafane was dismissed from Nohana Primary.  Currently the setup is:
Standard 1 - Me Lebakae
Standard 2 - Me Makhotso
Standard 3-  Ntate Likhetse
Standard 4 - Ntate Stabo
Standard 5 - Me Mohale
Standard 6 - Me Locadia
Standard 7 - Ntate Mapesh  
As far as the HIV materials for the XO's I have not been able to get the sarah books on flash drive.  I asked the HIV coordinator at PC about it just yesterday and she currently doesnt have that resource.  She said she would try but she couldn't promise anything.. Since I'm at PC South Africa ... I can see if they have that resource for me.  If they do I will get it and bring it back to Ketane when I return.
I should have regular access to email so if there is anything I think of I will keep you updated.