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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

MS STIC Ketane Trip & Needs Assessment - plan update

After many communication problems, 'Ntate Matlabe traveled twice to Maseru to make arrangements for Dr. Kasongo Kalanda to travel to Ketane to do a needs assessment for our network and internet.  This was a HUGE commitment of time for Matlabe.  As I understand it, a one-way trip from Ketane to Maseru involves a 9-12 hour bus trip, much of that time on some very bad mountain roads.

As for the plans, so far I've heard that they were able to work out dates for the trip.  Dr. Kasongo will go to Ketane on October 11.  On his return, he will meet with the internet provider Vodacom Lesotho and get the needs assessment to me on October 13.

This is fantastic news after so much delay.  I'll be able to start making plans to acquire the necessary equipment so we can install the system before distributing the laptops.

THANK YOU 'Ntate Matlabe for the extra effort.

- Janissa