Providing Lesotho's Children with Keys to the World

This is the story of our efforts to end the vicious cycle of poverty, disease, inadequate education, and early death
in a remote rural community in Lesotho, Africa, by providing quality education and life skills
to the young children there. Join us on our journey ...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Janissa & Sherrie Meet in Colorado

Janissa Balcomb, L2L President, and Sherrie Howey, L2L Director, got together at Sherrie's home in Beulah, Colorado, last week  for 4 days to discuss L2L business.  They met with L2L Volunteer Kathy Plath, and Janissa spent half a day with FIPE's Jack Wilson and his wife Bettie.

Janissa took 15 XO laptops, destined for Kokobe Primary School, with her to Beulah.  This is so Kathy, Sherrie, and Jennifer Selden (Sherrie's daughter) will have an opportunity to learn how to use the XO laptops before they help with training in Lesotho.  To save shipping costs, each of them will then carry 5 of the XO laptops with them to Lesotho when they go in January 2013.

During the visit, Janissa and Sherrie did some serious brainstorming, discussed L2L and FIPE goals, and made plans for the upcoming trip, among other things.  Janissa also gave Sherrie a crash course in how to use the XO laptop.

A special thank-you to Sherrie and Hamp for their wonderful hospitality and to Jack and Bettie for the great conversation and dinner.

- Janissa

Note: All expenses for this trip were paid for out of Janissa's and Sherrie's personal funds. No L2L money was used.