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Thursday, August 16, 2012

One Laptop Per Child San Francisco Summit, October 2012

There is a One Laptop Per Child conference scheduled for 19-21 October 2012 in San Francisco. 

Not much information is available about the conference yet.  Check the OLPC-SF website in a couple weeks for details. (olpcsf dot org slash summit)

They are calling for proposals for the conference.  I'm toying with the idea of submitting one about L2L and our approach, but am not certain yet whether or not I want to give one. 

I plan to attend the conference, whether or not I submit a paper.  If any of the L2L volunteers would like to write one (Fortunate?), let me know and I'll be happy to present it for you.  (Note:  they are looking for more interactive presentations rather than just informational slide shows.)

I expect to be driving from Idaho.  If anyone going to the conference would like to join me, I have room for 1-2 people.  I'd love to have the company.

- Janissa