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Sunday, September 26, 2010

How the Laptops will get to Lesotho

We've got roughly 40 laptops and miscellaneous supplies to get from the U.S. to Lesotho, about 150 pounds worth.  If we were to ship all that, it would cost about $800.  But I've found a way to avoid most of that cost and save the project hundreds of dollars.

If Craig and I fly on Delta as planned, between the two of us, we can check up to 200 pounds of luggage free.  I've been in touch with Delta and TSA about the possibility of taking the laptops in our checked luggage.  There are apparently no TSA restrictions on putting computers in your checked luggage.  (This was news to me.)  Apparently, it is just the airlines who discourage the practice because most computers wouldn't survive the manhandling.  But the XO laptops are pretty rugged little computers.  They were designed to withstand bumps, drops, and manhandling by kids.  We'll just be sure to pack and cushion them really well, and they should be fine.

Craig and I would have to pack light for our personal gear -- less than 25 pounds each, plus whatever we can take as carry on.  But I think we can manage that.

That still leaves getting all the laptops from Idaho to Ohio, where I will meet Craig.  The cheapest way would be to send them via Delta Cargo.  That would cost just $90, but it would require me to make an all-day trip to Salt Lake City, which adds about $40 worth of gas.  If I take the laptops as excess baggage, it would be more convenient but would cost $357.   I have to think about that a bit.

- Janissa