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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Vodacom Lesotho Extends Internet Coverage

Vodacom Lesotho has expanded it's broadband internet services to all parts of the country that previously could receive only a cellphone signal but no internet signal.  This could be great news for our programs in Ketane, meaning the laptops there might now be able to access the internet. 

This news was reported by Public Eye Online about two months ago:

"Vodacom Lesotho has finished rolling out its broadband internet service (3G) across all its towers to become the first operator to provide internet coverage to the majority in the country.

"This means that any part of the country that has Vodacom signal in Lesotho now also has internet coverage.

"We firmly believe that access to communication services has been a driving force for development in Lesotho and that it continues to be transformational as we work to make accessible, voice, internet and m-pesa services for Basotho."

Read the full story by Public Line Online:  Vodacom Extends Internet Coverage