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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Article in Friends of Lesotho Annual Report

The Friends of Lesotho 2011 Annual Report includes an article about Laptops to Lesotho on page 10.  Here's what it says:

"Laptops to Lesotho President Janissa Balcomb returned to Lesotho last November to begin expanding the project to a second primary school, as well as to provide additional teacher training at the project's first school, Nohana Primary. To her surprise and great joy when she arrived, L2L Project Leader Matlabe Teba had already begun the expansion process. It was something they had discussed, but he took the initiative and got the process rolling all on his own.

"In addition to selecting the school, Kokobe Primary School, and making preparations, Matlabe and three Nohana teachers wrote a successful grant proposal to acquire about 50 XO laptops for Kokobe. Janissa's only role was ceremonial, officially handing over the first two XO laptops and two solar chargers to Kokobe Principal Alice Ranthimo at a community celebration. Matlabe and Nohana teachers will continue mentoring and training the staff at Kokobe, helping them build their own computer program, as L2L did at Nohana Primary School.

"In 2011, Friends of Lesotho donated $1,190 to L2L for classroom wiring, fuel for the generator, and a digital projector for Nohana Primary School. The projector is used to show the teacher's computer screen so slower students can follow the lesson more easily.

"If you would like to help, L2L needs donations for funds to install a solar-powered electrical system at Kokobe and to pay training expenses. You may make contributions to L2L through FOL on our website or you may also donate on-line at or at

"FOL members and friends have been key to the success of this project. "
- Janissa

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