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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Changes, part 3 -- buying XO latops without OLPC

I have started purchasing XO laptops with existing Laptops to Lesotho funds. eBay actually had 16 (!) for sale yesterday. I purchased 4 and have the highest bid, so far, on 9 more. As more of the laptops come up for sale, I'll keep buying them. Hopefully, I'll accumulate several dozen to take to Ketane later this year.

When I purchase the next few XOs, I will have one shipped to Andrew so he can use it in his fundraising efforts. I will also ship one to Shaun for temporary use so he can become familiar with its specs and OS and suggest the best network server etc. If Lineo ever gets in touch, I will consider sending her one for the same reason. If anybody else on the team wants to borrow one, please let me know.

-- Janissa


  1. Feb 10 -- I have now purchased 21 XO laptops and hope to acquire 15-20 more in the next 10 days. The first one purchased arrived in the mail Monday.

  2. We're now up to 44 bought & paid for!

    - Janissa


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