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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Big Changes, part 2 -- moving ahead with OLPC

I contacted OLPC by email on 29 January 2010 to see if they might make an exception for our project and give us a grant based on:
  • the size, dedication, and diversity of skills of our team,

  • the amount of pre-planning, preparation, and fundraising we've already done,

  • the existence of the computer school and solar power already in Ketane, and

  • the support and enthusiasm of the students, teachers, and the community.
They saw it will take about a week or so to get a reply because they are so busy with inquiries and applications. If I haven't heard anything by Monday, 8 Febrary, I will send an additional inquiry. I'm going to keep pestering them so they know we are serious and intend to succeed with or without their help.

Depending on the response we get, I will next ask OLPC if 1-2 members of our team can attend the OLPC training even though we aren't grant recipients. We will, of course, have to find our own funding to do this, but I think this training is of critical importance.

-- Janissa


  1. I got the following email today from OLPC:

    "Hi Janissa,

    Your team is doing great work. Unfortunately OLPCorps is not in a position to donate machines or funding this year. Our 2010 program is sending field volunteers to support emerging large scale deployments in which countries have already purchased the machines.

    Since you already have XOs and a team in place I certainly do not want to discourage you. Had you drafted your intended OLPCorps proposal. If so do send it to me so I can look at ways we can support you. I would not be against you joining an OLPCorps training; however, this year trainings will be in the host countries and be more specific to the program on the ground. I suggest we first look at your proposal and see how we can proceed from there.

    Thank you,

    Nia Lewis

    - Janissa

  2. This email followed shortly:


    Apologies I found your proposal on the wiki.

    Will review now.


    - Janissa


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